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JFRED Chatbot

Serial Album by Dutch Cartoonist. FLAC, MP3, lossless formats.

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The Lost Balloon Affair, Chapter One Adventure and Intrigue following the SPECTRE agent, Leonard D. Cypher.

The Interrogators, Chapters 1&2. : A scoundrel leaving Germany in 1933 gets mistaken for Albert Einstein, and chased across Europe and The United States.

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Flux Oersted: Ernst Blofeld Society

Now available in FLAC, MP3, and more. This is the deluxe version of October EP by N=108. You can listen to it here online for free, or purchase a set of high fidelity songs for your listening devices.

1. New Beginning 03:20
2. Choco Shop 03:04
3. Down The Road 03:22
4. Cthulhu 03:56
5. FRED 7 03:48
6. Memory Man 03:00
7. Rock Dollars 01:45
8. It's Going To Take All Night 02:46
9. Getaway 04:14

Dread The Fear
This somewhat digital punk music features Zaa Phaphalene on guitar, samples, synth programming, and producer Dutch Cartoonist.

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